A Love Letter to Asaf Avidan

I tell you this: it was love at first gesture

I’ve seen it in the darkness, 

then… “bang, bang”: light, 


– beautiful, elegant, simple

like a song, 

like music itself –

entering the stage

like an angel with long hands/no wings


I loved the way your vibration entered my soul

(everybody’s souls)

like the light entering a crack 

and making the darkness disappear


I loved the way your body responded to your music

and it became one, 

every gesture, every step, every scream 

I saw them

dancing together

like the notes in a chord,

preparing to be born 


I loved the way you talked/sang to us

like a parent who kisses his children goodnight


And I loved your smile 


Thank you!

(it was certainly the most sensitive and delicate performance I ever went to)


august 10, 2021

Electric Castle Festival, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

©Cristina GÂNJ | Bristena Photography

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